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Storm Season Preparation TipsHere in Indiana, once spring arrives, so does the season of tornadoes and other strong storms. While you're probably familiar with the first rule of protecting you and your family from a bad storm (get inside fast!), other rules and guidelines should be followed as well. Some of them are intended to protect your home's HVAC system. Following are some tried-and-true tips for spring storm preparation.

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Safeguarding Your HVAC System Components this SpringIf your home has a central cooling system or heat pump, you may want to protect your HVAC system from copper theft. The outdoor condenser contains copper tubing that can be recycled for cash. It takes just a few minutes for thieves to remove the outer cover from the condenser and rip the coils from the unit.

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What to Know About Manuals S, D, and JWhether you're replacing an old HVAC system in your current home or installing a new system in the home you're building, you've probably encountered the terms Manual S, Manual D, and Manual J. These are important components in finding the best system for your home. They're also frequently confusing terms to understand, so here's what you need to know:

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How Do Your HVAC System Components Work Together?Your home HVAC system can seem extremely complicated: after all, you may have an air conditioner, a furnace, a thermostat, a network of ducts, air filters, and even auxiliary systems like air cleaners or ventilation solutions. But all of these HVAC system components come together into one larger picture that keeps your home comfortable. Here's how:

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Here's How to Remember to Change Your Air FilterThe air filter in your furnace or air conditioner performs the important task of collecting debris and grit that floats around in your air. Over time that filter becomes loaded with this gunk, and it needs to be replaced. Yet many homeowners struggle to remember to replace their filters, and their HVAC systems suffer poor efficiency as a result. Here are four tips to help you remember to change your air filter and improve the efficiency of your system.

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Air Balancing: Why You Need ItIf you’ve noticed your HVAC system running longer than normal or if certain areas of your Fort Wayne home always seem cooler or hotter than the rest, you could have an air balancing problem. Your heating and cooling system needs to be able to deliver hot or cold air to all parts of your home evenly. When this doesn’t happen, it indicates that the air from your HVAC system isn’t being distributed properly throughout your home.

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Telltale Signs of Great HVAC Customer ServiceWhen something goes wrong with your heating and cooling or when you need some maintenance done on your system, it’s important to find a dependable HVAC contractor. Having a reliable contractor helps ensure that your HVAC equipment is properly repaired and maintained, so you’ll experience fewer problems with it over the years. When choosing a contractor, look for the following signs that they offer exceptional customer service.

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Reducing Your Furnace's Load

February 9, 2016Furnaces

Reducing Your Furnace's LoadIf you equate saving money this heating season with turning the thermostat for the furnace down, you could be shivering unnecessarily. It could be possible to reduce the amount of time this hard-working appliance runs by cutting its heating load. Your home may be losing heat through all its cracks and crevices, or it could be seeping outdoors from the windows and insufficient insulation.

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Preventive HVAC Maintenance: A Worthy InvestmentThroughout the years, HVAC is subject to wear and tear. Without proper service, this could cause heating and cooling equipment to underperform, reducing home comfort and increasing spending. To counter these issues, many homeowners elect to schedule preventive HVAC maintenance. Could this be right for you? Read on to discover the advantages of doing so.

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Energy-Saving Myths and What You Should Do InsteadAn increased interest in going green has led to a number of energy-saving myths that make people believe they are doing their part to cut energy costs, when in fact they are doing little to lower energy costs and use. Here are six myths you may believe and the realities about them.

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Learn the Basics of Heat Recovery VentilatorsThoroughly insulating your home is a double-edged sword. As it helps you retain heat, it also retains moisture. As a result, you may encounter moisture-related problems such as structural damage and mold growth. A ventilation system such as a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can help you avoid these issues. Here's how it works and how it could benefit your home.

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Consider a Zoning System in Your Home for Energy and Money SavingsIf you have ever walked from one area of your home and noticed a temperature change, that is not unusual. Many things, including the number of windows, the direction it faces, the presence of heat-producing appliances and insulation, affect a room’s climate. A zoning system is a solution that can save energy and keep you more comfortable. Here’s how.

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Ways to Be Prepared in the Event of a Power OutageA power outage that leaves you without lights, hot water and heat can compromise your comfort and safety if you're not prepared. There's no way to predict how long an outage might last, but planning ahead and having a three-day supply of necessities on hand can make it easier to cope.

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Consider these HVAC New Year’s ResolutionsJust as making some positive personal changes will probably make the coming year more successful, adopting a few HVAC resolutions can make it more comfortable and energy-efficient, as well. Changing the way your heating and cooling systems are maintained and operated not only ensures you get the efficiency and performance designed into the furnace and air conditioner, it also maximizes the system’s expected service life and keeps your warranty valid. So while you’re making a list of a diet and exercise resolutions — as well as resolving to get that garage better organized — keep these HVAC resolutions in mind for a more economical and pleasant year.

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Keep Your Family Comfortable with a Home HumidifierFort Wayne’s winters are milder than many other cities, but having a working furnace is still very important. Dry air is the main obstacle presented by most heating systems, but humidifiers easily take care of that problem.

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Do You Know these 5 Facts about Ductless Mini Splits?A ductless mini split is a type of heat pump designed for single rooms or small areas of the house. They can be very helpful if you're adding a new space or room onto your home that isn't connected to your regular HVAC system. Here are five important things to know about the ductless mini split.

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