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Here's What to Know About Energy Star GuidelinesIf you want to trim your household energy expenses, you can start by making sure that the electronic devices you use are as energy efficient as possible. The government's Energy Star program can provide you with the information and guidelines you need to make informed choices when buying new or replacement products.

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Save Energy in Your Home Using Window TreatmentsAs a resourceful homeowner, you've probably thought of different ways to save energy and keep your Fort Wayne home comfortable. Professional HVAC maintenance is a good idea each spring and fall, and so is sealing the air leaks in your home's envelope. If you find you still can't keep your home comfort up and your energy bills down, maybe it's time to take a second glance at window treatments.

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Zone into the Benefits of Zoning SystemsNot all of the rooms in your Fort Wayne home are created equal — at least, not when it comes to heating and cooling demand. Your bedrooms need more attention during the night, for example, while you may have a guest room that's only in use once in a while, and a home office that needs heating and cooling during daylight hours. With a traditional central HVAC system, you can heat or cool your entire house or none of it. A home zoning system, by contrast, offers more flexibility on how to manage your home.

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Ceiling Fans for Cooling EfficiencyEven as summer winds down, the continued warm weather means most people still turn to their air conditioners for relief. The biggest downside to this is that cooling bills can remain high until nature offers more pleasant days. Using ceiling fans throughout the home will help keep you cooler and can reduce your air conditioner's workload. Here’s more about that.

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Why Should You Learn Your Home's Energy Rating?Are you interested in determining your home's energy efficiency? If so, you should consider learning about the home energy rating system (HERS) index and how your home scores. This professional analysis of a home's energy efficiency is used to qualify it for the Energy Star label, energy-efficient mortgage (EEM), and certain tax incentives and rebates. After your home qualifies for these benefits, you'll have an easier time selling it. However, if you don't want to sell, a low HERS index means you'll be saving on energy, with probable comfort benefits too.

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Your Questions Answered About Setting Your Thermostat FanIf your home's thermostat is like those in most homes, the fan setting is probably on "auto," which seems to be the default in most systems. But that begs the question, what does the "on" setting mean? This isn't an idle question since setting your thermostat fan one way or the other can make a big difference in energy bills and home comfort.

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Use Your Programmable Thermostat Correctly to Get the Most SavingsDoes your programmable thermostat baffle you? The controls can be confusing if you don't understand how to program them, or how to get  the most out of that programming. Programmable thermostats are designed to help you operate your HVAC system efficiently. Here's how that can happen in your home.

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What's the Best Thermostat Fan Setting, On or Auto?The thermostat fan, which controls the HVAC fan for both heating and air conditioning functions in your Fort Wayne area home, generally has two settings, "on" or "auto." In these modern times with the focus on having an HVAC system provide total comfort as efficiently as possible, questions can arise about the best thermostat fan setting. Here are a few tips to consider that may help you decide which setting is right:

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Keep Summer Heat Gain From Invading Your HomeSummer heat gain invades your home comfort and your pocketbook, and makes your A/C work harder. Reverse heat gain issues and start saving energy today with these tips.

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Programming Your Heat Pump's Thermostat: It's DifferentIn homes heated by a furnace, setting the temperature back at night ensures energy savings. That’s not necessarily the case with a heat pump, however. In order to avoid turning on the backup electric resistance heat during the recovery period (when the unit is working to get back to your comfort temperature), the heat pump's thermostat needs to work in a special way.

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Two-Stage Furnace? Here's Why It Makes Sense in Our ClimateShopping around for a new furnace this season? When you want to increase home comfort and decrease energy bills, consider a two-stage furnace. The gas valve inside such a furnace has two settings, one for high and one for low. When weather is milder, it sends less gas into the burner. 

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Hartman 10.3.13Energy-conscious consumers know that having quality insulation and double-paned storm windows can reduce heating and cooling costs. However, it's easy to forget that keeping energy costs down requires you to regularly review your home for air leaks and any places where air sealing is necessary. 

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